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Submarine power cable between Montenegro and Italy is a project that goes beyond borders of Montenegro, and is listed on the official list of projects of importance for the European Union and the Energy Community. Connecting itself with the energy system of Italy and Western Europe, Montenegro will be at the centre of energy flows and will therefore become the energy link of the Western Balkans with the European Union (EU).

We are pleased and honoured that Port of Adria has been integral part of this extremely important project.

First vessel with equipment for this milestone project sailed in Port of Adria on August 8th 2016, where 9 cable drums and additional equipment were successfully unloaded, while the positive trend confidently continued in 2017 where totally six vessels were unloaded with essential elements for the project including break bulk project cargo such as transformers, concrete elements and panels, electronic and additional equipment.

Port of Adria looks forward to the arrival of following vessels, ready to accept this valuable cargo and offer full support to advancement of this project.


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