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Free zone

Free zone Bar includes all terminals on the port area where handling and cargo storing are carried out. Whole area of Port of Adria (Container Terminal, General Cargo Terminal and Timber Terminal) is completely comprehended by the Free zone regime. Beside the mentioned specialized terminals, business development, production and trade activities connected to export and import activities requesting specific customs and control procedures in free zone regime work  is foreseen for this area. 


Free zone advantages: ​


Advantages that Free Zone Bar provides for its users are the guarantee for success of business activities organized there.

Some of the most significant advantages for the work in free zone are:

  •  All  economy activities can be carried out in the Free zone (except for those jeopardizing environment, people’s health, material goods and soil safety)

  •   Complete equality of investors from abroad is secured in terms of investment rights, acquisition of ownership of the built facilities and activities  organization in them

  •   The use of ground and facilities in the free zone is enabled on the basis of long term lease as per fixed conditions

  •   Customs, customs duties, and value added tax are not paid for the goods imported  into the Zone, regardless of the type of imported goods and their purpose in the Zone.

  •   Goods imported in the zone can stay there indefinitely

  •   The goods can be temporarily taken out from the Zone to the remaining part of the country or imported in the Zone from the remaining part of the Country  to be processed, installed, tested, surveyed, repaired, commercially presented etc.

  •   The goods  dispatched to the remaining part of Montenegro area to be further traded are subject to payment of customs, customs duties and VAT at the moment of leaving the Zone, where the customs and customs duties are paid only for the foreign components in the goods;

  •   Zone user does not pay profit tax for legal entities;

  •   Investing the capital in the Zone area, transfer of profit and roles are free

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