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Training of students from Maritime Faculty Kotor in the port Port of Adria Bar

Students of Maritime Faculty Kotor are informed on the possibility of participation in training programme from cruise activities which will be held by Port of Adria JSC Bar as per the following schedule of ship arrivals:

18.04.2017. 07.00h – 20.00h (students have already been chosen) 27.04.2017. 07.00h – 12.00h 07.06.2017. 08.00h – 18.00h 05.07.2017. 08.00h – 18.00h 02.08.2017. 08.00h – 18.00h 30.08.2017. 08.00h – 18.00h 27.09.2017. 08.00h – 18.00h 25.10.2017. 08.00h – 18.00h

For each cruise ship arrival, two students from Maritime Faculty Kotor will be selected, so interested students need to submit the following documents: CV with phone number and e-mail address, ID card copy and excerpt from students’ book. Necessary documents should be submitted at least three days before the mentioned days of cruise ships arrivals to IT center of the Faculty (M.Sci. Vera Kapetanović), on working days, from 13:00 – 14:00, except for August, when documents should be submitted until do 20. 07. 2017.


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