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Bar Cruise Port presented on Adriatic Sea Forum 2017

Representatives of Port of Adria Mr.Sedat Kara, CEO, Mrs.Melisa Katana, CEO Assistant and Tanja Novovic, Cruise Activities Coordinator attended the 3rd Adriatic Sea Forum held in Budva on 27th and 28th April 2017. Forum was organized by Risposto Turismo in partnership with National Tourism Organization Montenegro, Ministry of sustainable development and tourism and Coastal Zone of Montenegro and was sponsored by Global Ports Holding.

On the opening day of the Forum, a discussion on planning cruise routes in the Adriatic between Carla Salvado - Director of Cruise Marketing of Global Ports Holding and Michel Nestour - Vice President of Global Port & Destination Development Euromed Carnival Corp. was organized. Mrs.Carla Salvado used the occasion to present Bar Cruise Port through new promo video, highlighting terminal capacity, future development plans as well as competitive advantages of Bar.

Mr. Zoran Srzentic, President of Municipality Bar took part in round table „Cruise destinations in the Adriatic: challenges, opportunities and strategies“. During the dialogue, he emphasized the importance of development of Bar as cruise tourism destination and expressed his satisfaction regarding cooperation established between Port of Adria and Bar Municipality during cruise season 2016. Local community is ready to collaborate with Port of Adria on joint projects towards improving cooperation between all stakeholders - transporters association / taxi drivers / craftsmen, travel agencies and guides.

GPH and Port of Adria conceive that Adriatic Sea Forum was a successful event who brought together many key speakers, fusing ideas, exchanging experiences and discussing challenges.


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