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Port of Adria in TV program “Dnevnica”

Company Port of Adria JSC Bar accepted the invitation of „Ideas Factory“ Production from Podgorica to participate in the program called „Dnevnica (Daily Fee)“ shooting that is on air every Wednesday on TV Vijesti.

„Dnevnica“ is one of the most popular TV programs in Montenegro and has humanitarian purpose. It is a winner of Iskra award for philantropy. In the past two years, it managed to help over 50 families and individulas who live in difficult conditions.

Program concept is always the same. In this specific case, Goran Pejović Gula, famous musician from Bar, was the main protagonist of the program and he worked on different job positions in order to collect aid for 6 children from family Đukić who live with their granny in conditions inadquate for humans nowadays. The musician responded to all tasks and challenges set in Operations Department, and having in mind that he himself used to be port employee, he was greatly pleased with realized investments and Company's progress.

Port of Adria JSC Bar, together with its emplyoees joined the action of collecting money aid for six children from Đukić family, whereby it confirmed that it is socially responsible company once again and that it takes care of its local community


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