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Port of Adria accepted a ship of German company Phoneix Reisen for the first time

On April 27th , Company Port of Adria JSC Bar accepted cruise ship "Albatros" for the first time. The ship "Albatros", owned by German company Phoneix Reisen, brought 756 passengers and 355 crew members in the town of Bar. Bar Tourism Organization organized a traditional welcome for German visitors with priganice- frites, brandy called rakija, wine and honey, together with members of the folk group "Jedinstvo" and pupils of Secondary school for economics and hospitality this time again.

In honor of the first ship’s arrival, ceremonial exchange of plaques was organized on board of the ship by representatives of company Port of Adria and of ship agent Boka Adriatic Bijela, which was an intermediary in German ship’s sailing in.

Approximately 200 German tourists went on excursions organized by the agency Adria DMC such as Budva, Cetinje, Njegusi and Kotor, where some of the passengers continued their cruise journey, while the others visited the city and local attractions.

Bar is a well-positioned port able to meet cruise travel planners needs and the fact that the representative of MSC cruise companies visited company Port of Adria on Wednesday, 26.04.2017 shows that there is a growing interest in it. MSC Cruises with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland is the world’s largest privately-owned global cruise line. It is a market leader in Europe and in the Mediterranean as well as in South America and South Africa. Company Port of Adria organized a one-day site tour: Old Olive, Old town of Bar, King Nikola's Palace and Skadar Lake for MSC Cruises representative.


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