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Port of Adria JSC Bar announces, with great pleasure, official operations start of new container crane Liebherr P137 WS L-Super.

With the acquisition of new crane, Port of Adria expects to triple its container handling capacities.

Crane model is P137, gantry type and its seaside reach is 137 feet (42 m), enough to reach 14 container row on a ship. Its landside reach is 14 m with carrying capacities of 68 t with hook, 40 t when lifting single container and 60 when twin lifting. Crane is equipped with twin lift spreader, able to lift two 20 feet containers.

Before privatization, the existing container crane was able to make average 17 – 18 movements per hour. Following to realization of planned investments including terminal software, horizontal mechanization, acquisition of Gottwald HMK 260 E mobile harbor crane - an universal machine capable of handling containers and now with the addition of the new Liebherr SSG crane, Port of Adria will increase its efficiency and is now able to handle an average of 50 movements per hour.

New container crane was manufactured by renowned company Liebherr. It arrived in month of February 2017 to Port of Adria. It weighs 995 t, it is 59.5 m tall, and its installation lasted for 8 weeks.

PORT OF ADRIA is member of Global Ports Holding (GPH), a leading port operator with a diversified portfolio of cruise and commercial ports in Mediterranean, Atlantic and Asian-pacific region. As world's largest cruise port operator GPH has a portfolio of 12 cruise and 2 multipurpose (cruise and commercial) ports in 8 countries. Established commercial port operations in Port Akdeniz - Antalya, Turkey and Port of Adria - Bar, Montenegro. From May 2017, Global Ports Holding Plc has been listed on the London Stock Exchange with strategic intention to grow in the Caribbean and Asia.

PORT OF ADRIA presents important link in the regional intermodalchain, because of its connections with the railroad Bar – Belgrade,road connections and all privileges which Free zone operation brings.

PORT OF ADRIA has, as of January 2014, realized an array ofinvestments with the support of the company Global Ports Holding.They include procurement of new horizontal and verticalmechanization and equipment, infrastructure rehabilitation,investment into latest IT and software systems, securitymanagement, all with the aim to improve the quality of service andworking conditions of the employees through modernization of theworking space and implementing contemporary technologies.