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On the occasion of the closing of the successful cruise season 2017 and acceptance of ninth cruiser Thomson Spirit, on Wednesday, 25.10.2017 in the main administration building of Port of Adria, a working meeting was held, which, beside representatives of Port of Adria, also Ms. Željka Radak Kukavičić, Director of the National Tourist Organization, Zoran Srzentić, President of the Municipality of Bar, Ms. Snežana Karanikić, from the Tourist Organization Bar, Mr. Mihailo Vukić, the owner of Allegra Montenegro agency and Mrs. Olja Fatić, representative of local exhibitors, attended.

Activities carried out until now with the aim of promoting Bar as a cruising destination, impression of cruise visitors on the basis of surveys conducted, and further development plans of Port of Adria and its majority owner Global Ports Holding in this area were presented at the meeting. Significant attention was given to the consideration of identified problems and challenges that all participants in the chain of cruisers acceptance met. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to animate all participants in the chain of cruisers acceptance and to promote the interest in creating an attractive local offer (from transportation services, tourist guides, to authentic domestic products - souvenirs and food). According to this fact, an operational team will be formed to prepare and monitor the cruise season, with the aim to further improve the attractiveness of Bar and create local offer to increase the consumption of visitors from cruisers.

After the conclusion of the working meeting, the participants visited the exhibitors of "Caravan of domestic and organic products", who presented their offer at the Kings Nikola promenade. Port of Adria organized Caravan in cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Cluster "Try Our Home Made".

Port of Adria strives to additionally stimulate different participants’ interest in investing in specific development projects with active role and creative initiatives all in order to complete the tourism chain.

According to the previously made reservations, 16 ships and three different cruising companies will visit Bar in 2018, which will bring about 25,500 passengers. About 3,500 cruisers arrive in the Adriatic region annually, bringing almost 5 million visitors, and three largest ports are currently Venice, Dubrovnik and Kotor, with the share of even 60% pax.


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