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Rehabilitation of the construction of the South Quay Pier 1, whose preparatory works commenced in the mid-January, is carried out according to the plan. Those are very complex works and they represent a challenge for both the investor and the contractor “Aquamont Service”, the company selected by the tender procedure. Damage to quay structures in Bar port was recorded in the 90’s and their rehabilitation has been delayed for more than two decades. In 2016, damage was recorded in detail. The main project has been completed and a building permit has been obtained. Special attention has been paid to environmental impact assessment, occupational health and safety and fire protection.

In addition to the fact that this is the largest and at the same time the last investment from the Concession Agreement, it’s very important to emphasize that the rehabilitation project is very specific because the works are carried out under the pier construction on hanging scaffolds in sections 90 meters long so that unhindered ship operations are enabled.

The investor Port of Adria JSC engaged constant professional supervision. The quality of materials and installation are constantly tested in the presence and with engagement of the responsible rehabilitation project designer. During the works execution, special emphasis is put on employees and users of port services safety. The works executed now will extend this port facility’s lifetime for no less than 30 years.


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