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Port of Adria's business was marked by significant business activities and positive results in the first quarter of the current year. Total cargo throughput for the first three months amounted to 152,747 t which is 54% higher compared with the same period last year. Containers throughput in TEU units increased by 7%, while general cargo traffic increased 162% compared with the same period of 2017. Considering the same period in 2013 prior to privatization, in the first quarter of the current year, the container throughput in TEU units increased 65%, while the general cargo traffic increased 35%.

Significant business contracted last year, with continuing positive trend in this year, is the import of hardboard for the region's market, with planned quantities over 50,000 tons by the end of the year. Apart from other general cargoes, the most important products are: hot/cold rolled strip, aluminum, timber, bananas, cement, galvanized sheet metal, as well as equipment - project cargo. In March, the first ship with the components for the windmill was successfully completed. The trend of delivery of equipment for the underwater energy cable project and construction of the Lastva Grbaljska substation continued. When we talk about containerized cargo, the most important transported goods are: bananas, polyethylene, machinery and equipment, sugar, frozen products, ceramics, textiles, ores, various consumer goods etc.

Port of Adria development strategy is based on cooperation with local and international companies through execution of projects of common interest, creation and improvement of partnership relations with all participants in the logistics chain in order to ensure quality and competitive services.


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