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Port of Adria JSC Bar accepted today the first ship in this season. It is the German Phoenix Reisen ship "Artania" which closed cruise season 2018. On this occasion, Bar Tourist Organization and the company Port of Adria JSC Bar have organized the official welcome, so the guests from the cruise ship enjoyed Montenegrin specialties (priganice- frites, honey, cheese, wine from Crmnica region and brandy called rakija). Folk Dance Group Rumija represented the tradition of this region and attracted the attention of guests with their costumes and dancing. Bar Tourist Organization has set tourist information point on King Nikola’s promenade where visitors could get information, town maps as well as Bar Municipality promotional material. NGO Tourism and Creative Industry Cluster of Bar also joined the welcome reception, so the guests were able to buy traditional souvenirs and handicraft arts from Bar.

Mr. Emil Kukalj, Bar Tourist Organization director, expressed his satisfaction that Bar is a cruise destination this year as well. He stressed that the arrival of Artania, in Bar for the first time this season with 1061 German tourists and over 526 crew members, is the sign that this will be a successful season. He said: “We are still a new destination. It is necessary to work on our cruise strategy in order to develop a unique product and experience with diversified offers in order to attract new and retain existing companies. This is why the Sub-committee was established which will, by means of Coordination Team for Monitoring the tourism season, focus exclusively on cruising. "

Tanja Novovic, PR and Cruise Coordinator in Port of Adria said:

„It is a great pleasure to manage this business today when we have the support of local administration and entire Bar industry. I believe that everyone in Bar and throughout Montenegro understand the opportunity which Bar has as a cruise destination. Today, we agree upon all the details with ease and the organization is better and easier. We also notice that the town's offer is adapting to this new opportunity we all have. It is undisputable that GPH has had the crucial impact on positioning of Bar on the map of cruise destinations and we are happy for that. We continue to promote Bar with the same intensity; we are increasing service standards in order to be able accept both smaller ships and those of a new generations with several thousand passengers such as “Norwegian star” which we hosted two years ago“.

Apart from German tourists, Bar and Port of Adria will also host this year tourists from British Marella Cruises, Spanish Pullmantur and French CroisiEurope cruise ships. Until the end of the season, 16 cruisers are expected to arrive in Port of Adria, a total of 17 with about 23,000 passengers.


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